Nick Patten


“Settling on a composition for one of my room interior paintings is a progressive process. I pick and choose the most interesting and necessary elements from an array of photographs, often adding items from my imagination.

Light & Dark is a primary focus of my painting, with particular attention to brush stroke and gradation in the darkest areas. Through working from photographs with the aim of creating believable paintings, I strive to bring a quiet drama to everyday scenes.

My paintings are never intended to be “photographic”. In part, my aim is to make paintings where the content of the image is most compelling, and how the painting was made is secondary. In a sense, attempting to make the work exceed the medium, my goal is to be able to paint what I want to see."  Nick Patten







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This is a small list of some of the artists who have influenced me in one way or another. Most on the list are contemporaries, some are not. I will continue to add artist names and websites as they cross my path. There are some brilliant painters here....




Georgio Morandi

alan magee


Bernardo Torrens

daniel sprick

jeremy geddes

Jeremy Lipking

Jeffery Larson

rod penner

evan wilson

georgio morandi

gerhardt richter

john mcdonald

larry preston

lindon frederick

matthew cornell

mallory lake

olga antanova

richard thomas davis

scott prior

steven skollar